What is the phosphating?

Phosphating is the process of immersing a seamless steel tube in a phosphating solution (predominantly acid-phosphate-based solution) that forms a layer of insoluble crystalline phosphate conversion film on the surface. Phosphating is a chemical process. The process of electrochemical reaction to form a phosphate chemical conversion film. The phosphate conversion film formed is called a phosphating film, so as to prevent corrosion of the metal to a certain extent. It is used to make primer before painting, and to improve the adhesion of the film layer. Efforts and anti-corrosion capabilities; use anti-friction lubrication in metal cold working processes. "Phosphate saponification" refers to a process of saponification followed by phosphating. It is generally used in drawing or drawing machining processes. After the phosphating film is generally 8-12 microns, it then enters the saponification solution and is then drawn or stretched. The purpose of saponification is to further increase the lubricating properties.

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