What is the Characteristic of pre-melted refining slag?

1. With same chemical composition, the average melting temperature of pre-melted refining slag is evidently lower than that of sintered refining slag, normally around 40℃.

2. Pre-melted refining slag is with even composition, good fluidity when melted, better metallurgical effect such as deoxidization, desulfurization and impurity absorption than sintered refining slag, faster desulfurization rate than sintered refining slag.

3. Lower melting point, faster melting speed, remarkably reduce external refining time, meanwhile improve molten steel quality, reduce consumption of slag, power and refractory material.

4. With pre-melting treatment, the chemicals in pre-melted refining slag are formed into even chemical compounds, which makes it with strong homogeneity, stable performance, and no moisture absorption, which is better for storage and long distance transportation.

5. With premelting treatment, the premelted refining slag can be crushed into different grain size according to practical needs, fewer dust will be generated during use and transportation, production environment in the plant will be greatly improved.

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