What is the salt spray test?

The salt spray test is an accelerated corrosion resistance evaluation method for an artificial atmosphere. It atomizes a certain concentration of salt water; it is sprayed in a closed incubator to reflect the corrosion resistance of the sample to be tested by observing the change of the sample to be placed in the box for a period of time. It is an accelerated test. The method has the salt concentration of the chloride in the salt spray environment, which is several times or several times of the salt content of the general natural environment, so that the corrosion rate is greatly improved, and the salt spray test is performed on the product, and the time for obtaining the result is also greatly shortened.


When testing a product sample in a natural environment, the corrosion time may take one year or even several years, and in a simulated simulated salt spray environment, similar results can be obtained in a few days or even hours.

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