Why should steel be finishing? What are the main contents of the finishing?

Steel finishing is an indispensable process in the rolling steel production process. The purpose of finishing is to ultimately guarantee product quality. Finishing includes all the operations of rolling steel after cooling (such as slow cooling, etc.), heat treatment, straightening, pickling, cleaning, grading, and packaging until the finished product warehouse. Due to the technical requirements of the products, the content of the finishing process is also very different. The basic process of steel finishing is shown in the figure:

In order to ensure the quality of the national plan and order contract, reduce metal consumption and product costs, the final process of steel rolling production - steel finishing process, should be carried out in strict accordance with various regulations.

Reasonable stacking and scientific management of steel during the finishing process are also important. If the management is not good, it will cause the finished steel mixing furnace to be chaotic, and even scrapped in batches.

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