Why do billets and steels have to be cut?

The rolled billet must be cut, because: a, should cut off the shrinkage hole part or the head part of the steel ingot; b, cut off the uneven deformation part of the steel ingot tail; c, in order to meet the fixed length of the finished product It is required that the ingot must be cut to a fixed length; d, is also required to be cut due to the limitations of the process and equipment conditions of the workshop. The cutting the steel is mainly for cutting the irregular parts of the steel ends and obtaining the specified length.

Both the billet and the steel are sheared on the shearing machine. Depending on the process requirements, some are sheared before rolling, some are sheared during rolling, and some are sheared after rolling.

According to the temperature of the sheared steel, the shear can be divided into two types: hot shear and cold shear. Most of the hot shears are made on the line, while cold cuts can be made outside the line.

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