Under what conditions, a single forging die forging method can be used?
A multi-forging die forging method has certain constraints (or unsuitable conditions), as long as one of the following contents is not suitable for one-time multi-forging (especially unsuitable for one-die multi-forging, continuous multi-forging, turning forging and forging) Forming die forging and other forming methods): If the weight of the forging is large, the horizontal projection area of the forging is large, the shape of the forging is too complicated, the forging temperature range is too narrow, the forging die has a large depth, and the direct forging deformation of the blank is too large. The number of steps of the blanking work in one fire forging is ≥3, the number of forging dies to be used is increased, and the number of forging equipment to be used is increased. A multi-forging die forging method is a systematic project. Effectively determining the constraint conditions and suitable conditions is one of the prerequisites for realizing the reliability, effectiveness and timeliness of a multi-forging.

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