S45C 1045 CK45 Hard Chrome Shaft Piston Rod for Hydraulic
S45C 1045 CK45  Hard Chrome Shaft Piston Rod for Hydraulic

Item specifics

Diameter range :
6-70 mm
Delivery condition :
Harden, QT
Surface condition :
Chromed and polished

Product review



the rods first undergo precision milling and processing, and are then put through grind surface chromium treatment, allowing a surface precision level of f8, and a surface hardness reaching HV850 minimum and up, which not only help to improve wear resistance but also help to extend the life cycle of the rods, thus helping the customer save cost.


Directly for cylinder, cylinder, shock absorber piston rod, and is widely used in textile printing and dyeing, printing machinery, guide rail, die-casting machine, injection molding machine guide rod, the ejector and other mechanical products of guide pin and four-column press guide post, fax machines, printers and other modern office machinery guide shaft and some precision slender shaft for the parts industry products.


Inch Sizes available

Cut to length sizes available

Precision tolerances and surface finish.

Custom sizes and chrome thickness available.

Salt spray tested to 48 hours minimum in accordance with ASTM B-117

Product Details

Diameter range and Length

Diameter range: Φ6-Φ1000m  

Length: 60015000mm

External Diameter Accuracy: f8

Surface Roughness: Ra0.2μm ~ Ra0.4μm

Hard Chrome Thickness: 20Micron ± 10%

Surface Hardness: HV 850 (Minimum) up

Straightness : 0.15-0.25/1000mm

Meets ASTM A108, A311 class B, A434 Class BC/BD

Offered in Yield Strength of 75k and 100k.

Hardness of Rc 67-72, and a surface finish of 16 Ra maximum