304 1.4301 SUS304 Special Section Cold Drawn Profile Stainless Steel Bar for Linear Guide

Group Profile Steel Bar
Min. Order 1 metric ton
Terms of Payment L/C, D/P
Update Time 2020-07-10
Item specifics
Delivery conditionCold drawn
Surface conditionSmooth
LengthRandom or Cutting
Typical applications for these special cold drawn stainless steel sections include pump parts, valve stems, linear guide rails, sprockets, gears, key­ways, splines and spindles, turbine parts, curtain wall, facade construction, x-ray equipment, louvers, and couplings. 
Product Details
High carbon steel 1060, Bearing steel 52100 100Cr6, 
Spring steel, Harden steel, Stainless steel 303 304 316 440C,
Spheroidization level: 2~4
Straightness requirement: ≤1mm/4M
Torsion: ≤1mm/4M
Surface decarburization layer: ≤0.1mm (metallographic method)
Surface defect: ≤0.1mm
Hardness: 180~240HBW
Advantages of the product
Uniform spheroidized structure
High dimensional accuracy
Small surface decarburization layer
Small processing allowance.
The product is supplied with 3.1.B inspection certificate, according to the standards EN 10204 and ISO 10474.
Raw stock of hot rolled bar→Cleaning of abrasive scale→Coating of drawing lubrication→Drawing or Multi-pass drawing→Annealing→Cutting→Inspection→Package
Steel bar come in strapped bundles. The minimum weight of each bundle is 2000kg; the maximum bundle weight being 5000kg, with a minimum of 4 pieces