Cold Heading Carbon and Alloy Steel Wires

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Update Time 2020-04-02
Item specifics
Delivery conditionannealed, cold drawn, +QT
Surface codnitionBlack, Acid, Bright


Cold heading quality wire involves a particular raw material chemistry to withstand swedging, heading and forming with great quality.  It is suitable for fastener and cold heading applications such as bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, nails, etc. this wire is manufactured by choosing particular quality raw material and drawing it to size using meticulous drawing rocess. Following these standards allows us to keep strict control of the desired surface and chemical composition of the wire necessary for superior products in spite of demanding manufacturing processes.

Applications of CHQ steels

Typical applications of CHQ steels are given below. The CHQ steel products are shown


Engine – Cylinder head bolt, piston rod and spark plug shell etc.

Steering system – Ball joint stud, tie rod pin, pinion etc.

Wheel – Hub bolt and nut, etc.

Airplanes –  High tension bolts for wings

Construction – Fastener bolts for construction purposes

Bearing – Ball Bearing and roller bearing etc.

Industrial machine – Fastener bolt, nut, screw, rivet and nipple etc.

Electronic parts – Material for switch relay etc.

Steel for cold heading

In cold heading the mechanical properties of the final component are directly influenced by the metallurgical properties of the raw material. So a lot goes into the selection of the raw material for the cold formed components. In a nutshell the name says CHQ raw material but a lot of metallurgical aspects are to be considered while manufacturing and selecting the CHQ wires and slugs. Choice of wide range of materials is available for cold heading operation and it includes

Low and medium carbon steel

Alloy steel

Stainless steel

Produce Size Range:

Hot rolled steel wire: 6 to 24mm; max upto 40mm

Cold drawn steel wire: 0.1 to 20mm

Coil diameter: 1 to 2 meter, as client’s ask

Weight of each coil: 0.5 to 3 tons, according to your request.

Delivery Condition:

wires are coated to ensure smooth heading operations Condition. Cold drawn and Annealed, Cold drawn, Annealed and skin pass or as per customer requirement with very fine tolerance.