EN10297 41Cr4 1.7035 Quenched Tempered Alloy Steel Hollow Bar

Group Hollow Bars
Min. Order 5 ton
Terms of Payment L/C, T/T
Update Time 2020-07-17
Item specifics
Delivery condition+QT
Surface conditionblack, grined
OD30-750 mm
Tubular parts for the automotive, oil and gas, construction, general engineering and agricultural industry, such as bushes, hydraulic cylinders, hollow shafts, rings, hollow rolls for conveyors, nuts, gear wheels, shafts, axles, stuffing boxes, spindles, drill jigs, rolls etc.
Chemical Composition(%):
C 0.38-0.45%, SI ≤0.40%, MN 0.6-0.9%, P ≤0.035%, S ≤0.035%, Cr0.9-1.2
Mechanical Properties at QT condition (T=20°C)
Tensile strength Mpa 1000 min, Yield strength Mpa 800 min, Elongation % 11 min
Tube ends:
The hollow bar comes with square cut and deburred ends.
The hollow bar is supplied with 3.1.B inspection certificate,according to the standards EN 10204 and ISO 10474.
Identification and Marking:
The hollow bar is marked in indelible ink, the details being repeated along the entire length of each tube and on a label, as follows:
Manufacturer’s trademark – manufacturing standard – dimensions -steel grade – supply condition – cast no. – item number.
The hollow bar comes in strapped bundles. The minimum weight of each bundle is 2000kg; the maximum bundle weight being 5000kg, with a minimum of 4 pieces