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630 17-4PH SUS630 1.4542 Precipitation Harden Martensitic Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe

Group Stainless Steel Tube
Min. Order 1 metric ton
Terms of Payment L/C, T/T
Update Time 2020-04-02
Item specifics
length range1-9meter
Delivery conditionHarden
Surface conditionAcid pickling / polished
Uses for 17-4 include components which require high hardness and/or corrosion resistance at temperatures of up to 600 °F (316 °C). Specific applications for 17-4 include the petroleum and chemical industries, as well as use in aircraft parts
Quality Standards
ASTM A 511 mechanical structural stainless steel tube
ASTM A999 alloy and stainless steel tube
EN 10216-5 pressure seamless stainless steel tube
EN 10297 mechanical structural stainless steel tube
JIS G3459 stainless steel pipe
JIS G3446 mechanical structural stainless steel tube
JIS G7222-4 pressure seamless stainless steel tube
OD range: 10-180mm
WT range:1-20mm
Length range:1-12 meter
Steel Grade Comparison
ASTM&AISI: 630, UNS S17400
EN&DIN:1.4542, X5CrNiCuNb16-4
Chemical Composition(%)
C≤0.07, SI≤1.0, MN≤1.0, P≤0.04, S≤0.03, CR 15-17.5, NI 3.0-5.0, BA+TA 5XC-0.45
Mechanical Properties In Delivery Condition Harden
Tensile strength: 930-1100 MPA
Proof strength:≥720MPA
Brinell hardness: 360 HB
Tube ends
The tubes come with square cut and deburred ends.
The product is supplied with 3.1.B inspection certificate, according to the standards EN 10204 and ISO 10474.
Identification and Marking
Steel Pipe are marked in indelible ink, the details being repeated along the entire length of each tube and on a label, as follows:
Manufacturer’s trademark – manufacturing standard – dimensions -steel grade – supply condition – cast no. – item number.
Tubes will bundled by steel strip and not exceed 3 tons each batch. If thin wall thickness, we will put it into wooden case.